(Player Event) Dragons for Moonglow.(8)
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Author:  Frarc [ 31 Mar 2015, 03:33 ]
Post subject:  (Player Event) Dragons for Moonglow.(8)

Dragons for Moonglow.(8)

Original post by Nicnivin

Next Friday, April the 3rd, 20:30 CEST, we will visit the dungeon Destard. We will meet at the governor’s office in Moonglow.
Our goals are:

-To fill the zoo of Moonglow

-Auctioning the best Greater Dragon found to support the Moonglow trade deal

-Supporting adventurers in learning their trade

-Having an exciting evening in one of the most renowned places of the old Sosaria

In order to get that done I ask all tamers, mages, warriors, bards, and other types of adventurers to join us. We will support tamers who want to gain in skill while taming dragons in several ways.

1. NinaLuna donated one Animal Taming ‘Scroll of Alacrity’ and four Animal Lore SoAs, which will be handed to young tamers to speed their skill gains during this event.

2. All participants will support the taming process by separating dragons from each other, beating them down to low life for easier taming, peacemaking, healing, fast transport of tamed dragons to their destination, and so on.

3. By reducing the population fast the dragons will respawn fast as well. This means there is a much higher probability to find really good dragons for the tamers to keep. The best Greater Dragon we find will go to the stables of Moonglow – it will be auctioned later to fill the city treasure, to finance the trade deal for Moonglow.

4. Young tamers will have the opportunity to profit from the vast knowledge of the most experienced tamers among us.

In case we have enough numbers and volunteers, people not busy taming and transporting dragons are encouraged to go down to the lair of the Shadow Wyrms. The black dragon scales found will be worked into a Black Dragon Scale Armor. The armor will receive an engraving to remind of the dragon hunt. The participants may vote for a winner who will get this armor.
I invite any and all adventurers, whatever their profession may be, to join us in this hunt.

Nicnivin, Queen of the Unseelie Court, Governor of Moonglow


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